Delicious Crispy Mash Potato Waffles Recipe

Mashed potato waffles recipe

This is a quick and easy breakfast potato waffles recipe. You can enjoy the crispy waffles with a fried egg and a side of bacon, or if you prefer a sweet version, then serve it with syrup and butter. Personally, I enjoy them hot straight off the waffle iron, with a little salt. It is … Read more

Flatbread Recipe Similar To Georgian Bread

Flatbread Recipe Similar To Georgian Bread

My flatbread recipe is similar to Georgian bread. Delicious crispy crust flatbread. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting cities such as Tbilisi In Georgia and have tasted their incredible bread, then this recipe is a must for you. Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union since 1921. Since the breakup of … Read more

Air Fryer Mushrooms with Garlic Herbs and Cheese

air fryer mushrooms

You will love just how easy and tasty this recipe for air fryer mushrooms with garlic herbs and cheese melted over the top is. This is a firm favorite amongst my family. I love mushrooms and have been experimenting with different ways of cooking them for a while. The air fryer is a great way … Read more

Souvlaki Style Greek Chicken Kebab in Air Fryer

Greek Chicken Kebab

Amazing Souvlaki-inspired greek chicken kebab that is cooked in your air fryer. This was so delicious I could have sworn it had been cooked on the grill. Loads of flavor, crisp on the outside, and so tender and juicy inside. Delicious kebabs may be served on a bed of rice or pasta with some lovely … Read more

Leftover Baby Potatoes Smashed And Air Fried

Smashed Roasted Baby Potatoes

Try these leftover baby potatoes that I smashed and air-fried. I am making sure that whenever I have baby potatoes again I cook way too many so that I can leftover baby potatoes to smash, spice up, and air fry. Schucks – there is no reason that I even have to wait for leftover baby … Read more

Amazing Air Fryer Lamb Chops Recipe with Rosemary

Lamb Chops cooked to perfection

My delicious air fryer lamb chops recipe with a hint of rosemary. Follow my easy recipe that will give you delicious lamb chops cooked to perfection in your air fryer. Lamb chops are possibly one of the tastiest foods that you could ever have. When an item has the potential to be so tasty you … Read more

Air Fryer Cheese And Onion Chicken fillet Recipe

Cheese and Onion Chicken Fillets

My quick and easy air fryer recipe for delicious cheese and onion chicken fillets. A rich dish that is smothered in cheese and has a fairly strong taste of onion to complement the cheese. Chicken fillets are the flesh portion of the chicken breast. If you do not have a chicken fillet but do have … Read more

My Amazing Crumbed Meatballs Recipe

Delicious meatball recipe

My crumbed meatballs recipe that you are going to love. Cooked correctly, meatballs can make a delicious main meal full with flavor and goodness. Add a couple of side dishes such as potatoes and vegetables and you have an amazing meal for your family. Leftover meatballs are also so versatile and can be used in … Read more

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