Bunny Chow Durban Streetfood

Bunny Chow

Originating from the Indian community in Durban, South Africa, Bunny Chow is a delightful and flavorsome street food that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. Despite its name, Bunny Chow does not contain any bunnies; rather, it is a delicious dish that consists of a hollowed-out quarter or half-loaf … Read more

Gatsby Sandwich – Cape Town Street Food

Masala Steak Gatsby Sandwich

The Gatsby sandwich is a popular street food that originates in Cape Town, South Africa. There are various different types of Gatsby sandwiches but the essentials are a large roll (at least a foot long or longer) filled with french fries (Slap Chips) and cheese, and then a variety of other items which could include … Read more

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